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"Plan 9 from Outer Space" (1959) via Shock Horror Theater now available!

Shock Horror Theater on Ustream presented Ed Wood Jr's infamous "Plan 9 from Outer Space" on 24 October 2010, but due to broadband problems the show was cut up into 12 segments that frankly lost a lot of viewers, and a great deal of context at least.  After some time performing editing-together of the pieces we have finally completed a mix-down that contains the entire show, and includes the infamous voice-overs and dialogues from the original movie.  Watch it here, via Vimeo.

Shock Horror Theater! "Plan 9 from Outer Space" (1959) from Stephen Goodman on Vimeo.

Weekly "Audio Tarot Bone Throw" Show on

Each Friday at midnight GMT for the present future, Stephen Goodman will perform live on-camera through's portal for The EarthLight Channel, with the show entitled Audio Tarot Bone Throw. For your local time see this World Clock.  For the show click here.

The 1st Virtual Sound and Video Festival

October 3 2009:  Performing musicians from around the world, broadcasting 25-minute sets of video and music for the first international streaming music/video festival done via the Ustream system (what one has coined as "The next YouTube", and given YT's recent netcast for U2, someone at Google's listening!).  Our gracious organizers and host were Matt Stevens and Rainer Straschill.

 Some of us were accompanied by video mixed-in artists like Emile Tobenfield (aka Dr T) but for this I used colored light bulbs.  I was allowed to close the show at 2130 UTC (2230 my time) but thankfully recorded the thing for alleged posterity.  Here's my stream from the show on

I am investigating other broadcast venues online such as Livestream, so stay tuned for a possible channel changes!

Free Downloads!  Whole Albums!

Entire albums and their tracks are presently available for free at the below-picced link, including Songs from a Tunnel, Club Meditation and the latest, a compilation-in-progress of live shows, No Matter Where You Go...

Free MP3s on

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